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Whilst serving a 14 year prison sentence for robbery and automobile theft in 1932, Clyde Barrow hacked off two of his toes with an axe. Clyde felt he could no longer endure the conditions in Texas’ notorious Eastham Prison Farm so in an attempt to force a transfer he severed his big toe as well as a part of another toe. However, it’s not known for certain whether it was Clyde himself or another inmate who actually wielded the axe. The mutilation proved to be completely unnecessary as Clyde was released on parole only 6 days later. Clyde was left with a permanently crippled walking stride and was also unable to drive a car whilst wearing shoes.


let me seduce you with my knowledge of serial killers

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"Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it."

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Closer (2004)

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